The Cybersecurity Unit for Large Enterprises_

Cytomic was born to cover the cybersecurity needs that are specific to large corporations.

Because knowing what companies need is the only way that we can offer them the perfect combination of solutions and services.

The Most Advanced Endpoint Security_

Endpoint Security

Cytomic unifies next generation Endpoint Protection, Detection and Response with Verification, Threat Hunting and Investigation services, all delivered via a single lightweight agent.

This combination also integrates Patching, Encrypting, Data Management, and Security Intelligence capabilities.

Threat Hunting and
Investigation Services

Get your exclusive team of experts, who have a perfect combination of systems, security, data analysis and creative thinking skills, to improve the security and monitoring operations in your company.

Our solution Orion speeds up and standardizes the hunting process with an innovative data analytics paradigm.

Deep Learning for
Greater Understanding

Our services unify Big Data and multilevel Machine Learning techniques to continuously supervise and automate the experience, intelligence and knowledge of Cytomic’s security and threat hunting teams.

This only can be delivered because of our AI’s capacity, speed, adaptation, scalability and cloud processing.

Threat Hunting is what we do,

Security is who we are_

The World’s Largest Companies Trust Cytomic_
7 of the World’s Major
23 of the Largest
Telecomm Companies
26 of the top Largest
Healthcare Providers
115 Governments
in the world
230 Industries and
Critical Infrastructures
30 Top Global