D uring the Panda Security Summit 2019, Panda Security presented Cytomic, its new business unit with a specialized offering to cover the cybersecurity demands of large companies.

The creation of Cytomic is a natural evolution of Panda Security’s business strategy, after more than five years offering advanced cybersecurity technology to large companies, and the creation of a specialized unit for this type of customer one year ago.  The enterprise segment now makes up 15% of the company’s turnover, and its aim is to accelerate the current growth to over 40% with Cytomic.

Large companies are facing an ever increasing number of threats, which are more and more sophisticated, often experiencing targeted attacks. In this context, it is vital for organizations to be able to get ahead of any security breach, reacting in the most agile, tailored way possible. With the Cytomic offering, corporate security teams can efficiently tackle some of the problems they currently face, such as a lack of time, appropriate tools, or talent,” highlighted Juan Santamaría, CEO of Panda Security.

The Portfolio of Cytomic solutions combines Endpoint Protection (EPP) and Endpoint Detection & Response (EDR) solutions with 100% certification and Threat Hunting services. However, the cornerstone of the Cytomic offering will be the additional services, which will allow the company to adapt to the specific needs of our customers, so that they can tailor the way they tackle cybersecurity, adopting a proactive approach to any threat. These services will mainly be framed in threat validation, threat hunting, investigation and support.

The main differentials of this new business unit on the market are based on its layers of service, which provide its customers with the additional value of technology-service duality.

We have been offering highly advanced cybersecurity technology to large companies for five years now, and Cytomic is yet another step in this specialization, one that responds to the needs that we see in this segment. Our primary value resides in the layers of service that we offer our customers, thanks to which we’re not just about the product, but rather we offer the technology-service duality that they’re asking for,” states María Campos, VP of the Cytomic Business Unit.

The offering of the new business unit is targeted at organizations with advanced cybersecurity needs, and which require advanced threat analysis and investigation, with professionalized incident response teams, as well as MSSPs and MDRs.

Thanks to Panda Security’s 28 year history in the market, Cytomic has the collective intelligence, certifications and geographical scope needed to respond to ambitious international projects.