One of the main cybersecurity concerns for many companies right now is the increase in cyberattacks that are exploiting COVID-19. Identity theft, online fraud, and attempts to block hospital IT systems have all shot up in recent weeks.

At the moment, a large proportion of the workforce is working from home. This situation, combined with the increasingly sophisticated tactics used by  cyberattackers, means, while traditional cybersecurity measures are still valid, in and of themselves, they are insufficient.

At Cytomic we are more than aware of the challenges posed by the pandemic. Because of this, we’re offering you a plan to help reinforce your clients’ security posture, with a promotion on our Managed Cyberattack Prevention, Detection, and Response (MDR) Services.  Find about the promotion on MDR Services here and make sure your clients are protected against the main cyberthreats caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

Cybersecurity challenges caused by COVID-19_

Attacks that use applications containing malicious software are increasingly sophisticated; there have been more and more cases of malicious actors creating fake versions of legitimate applications related to COVID-19. These fake applications imitate those developed by private or public bodies to try to track the pandemic or to provide information or advice. There has also been a rise in phishing attacks, which frequently target business environments. In this sense, the Spanish National Police have announced that they have discovered over 12,000 websites related to coronavirus, all created on the same server, and offering such “services” as a fake vaccine. In addition to using phishing, cybercriminals also attack their victims’ computers with ransomware, encrypting their systems in order to demand a ransom payment. One such case is Brno University Hospital in the Czech Republic, which was being used as a testing center for coronavirus cases.

All of this comes at a time when most companies have their entire staff working from home. This situation could lead to a false sense of security, where employees feel more confident when faced with suspicious links or attachments. One such seemingly simple action could provide the perfect doorway to the corporate system.

How to deal with this cybersecurity situation in organizations_

This new way of working exclusively from home was brought about suddenly by the Covid-19 pandemic. In many cases, companies had to improvise when it came to implementing remote work. We know that some of the flaws related with sudden digitization and remote work can inadvertently increase the risk of data breaches or other incidents. This in turn can lead to significant financial losses, reputational damage, client turnover, and legal repercussions.

Many organizations have neither the knowledge nor the tools to be able to monitor their employees’ IT assets, which can mean a reduction in productivity. The only valid strategy to effectively protect against new advanced threats without affecting how people work is done is to constantly monitor and analyze the activity on the organization’s assets.

Help your clients to be prepared; prevention must also go hand in hand with a solid detection and response model to ensure that no damage can occur. To do this, it is important to have the capabilities provided by an MDR Service, such as the one offered by Cytomic.

Benefits of Cytomic MDR services and promotion_

The aim of the service is to provide real-time evaluation of a range of malware, living-off-the-land, and in-memory exploits that affect your clients. It monitors all activity, detecting anomalous behaviors and investigates incidents, determining the machines affected and the attack vectors used. Managed Detection and Response services are the fastest and most effective solution to this kind of problem and the safest bet form companies. At Cytomic we offer:

  • A specialized team to increase your company’s security capacity and cyber-resilience.
  • 24/7 monitoring, 365 days a year, of all your protected assets, regardless of where they are.
  • Cloud-native service, with no investment infrastructure or licenses. Pay only for what you use and enjoy automatic scalability.
  • Reduction of incident detection and response times, minimizing economic, reputational, and regulatory damages, as well as minimizing recovery time should an intrusion occur.
  • Threat intelligence and in-house laboratory of experts in malware, evasion techniques, incident investigation and response, and forensic analysis.
  • Experience and specialized data analytics technologies to detect abnormal behaviors and activity in users, applications and machines.
  • Monthly report report on security posture, malicious activity prevented or detected, investigated, and remediated by the service, as well as recommendations to stop them in the future.

We provide multiple levels of managed detection and response services. This means that your organization can choose the level that best suits its needs and structure, thus ensuring that it always obtains the greatest return from its investment in Cytomic.

We have two different types of MDR services, which are now on special offer: 12 months for the price of 9. Both services are designed to reinforce prevention, but above all, to increase the capacity to detect and respond to attackers who may already have gotten around security controls.

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