The integration between the cloud native platforms accelerates the identification, prioritization, and remediation of threats for joint Cytomic Orion and ServiceNow clients.

Cytomic, the  business unit of Panda Security specialized in large accounts and threat detection and response service providers, announced today the capability to integrate indicators of suspicious behaviors that allow the detection, investigation, and response to threats on endpoints in real time, within workflows provided by ServiceNow. Cytomic Orion’s new application for security operations, Cytomic Orion Integration for Security Operations, is now available in the ServiceNow store.

What makes us different?_

Cytomic Orion’s application for security operations offers security companies and providers the capacity to integrate threat indicators and alerts from the Cytomic platform into their incident response process. This way, they can create security incidents within the ServiceNow Security Operations module, as well as identifying the assets, endpoints, and other devices impacted in a potential cyberattack.

Cytomic Orion’s application for security operations is an extension of the Cytomic Platform, its cloud-native solution Cytomic Orion (which must be contracted beforehand), and automated detection and response workflows, which are carried out by sending indicators of attack (IoAs) discovered on the Cytomic Platform to ServiceNow.

This speeds up IT and security teams’ ability to centrally operate the detection, investigation, and response to critical threats, such as data breaches and the interruption of service, thus minimizing their impact.

Benefits for Cytomic and ServiceNow customers_

  • Automation of the creation of security incidents in ServiceNow based on the detection of malicious indicators on endpoints detected by the Cytomic Platform.
  • Correlation of the indicators collected on the Cytomic Platform with other events within ServiceNow.
  • Support for security teams to quickly perform remediation tasks before an incident causes a breach.
  • Coordination between IT and security teams to speed up prioritization and response to threats.

About the Cytomic Platform_

The Cytomic Platform provides an advanced endpoint security solution, EDR, patch management, full encryption, and cloud-native detection, hunting, containment and response solution for cyberthreats, all centralized from the cloud and deployed from a single, lightweight agent. Cytomic protects clients against advanced cyberattacks using artificial intelligence and deep learning, as well as IoAs to stop known and unknown threats in real time.