Cytomic Services_

Detection, investigation, reaction and remediation

Stop intrusions now and get ready for the future. Our early, threat investigation, incident response, and remediation services will boost your cyberdefense capabilities and provide you with more mature security strategy.

MDR Services_

This service will provide you with techniques, tools, and experts that will all operate as an extension of your own team.

Get comprehensive coverage when defining your protection strategies and activating defensive, offensive, and remediation measures.

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Threat Hunting Services_

This service detects attackers who are using Living-off-the-Land techniques at any stage of the cyber kill chain.

Our team of hunters and analysts search for patterns of anomalous or suspicious behavior to uncover indicators of attack.

In-depth Incident Analysis_

In case of compromise, we will help you by generating incident analysis reports and recommendations on how to recover and reduce the attack surface.

Zero-Trust Application Service_

Enables the automatic “deny-all” model, without alerts or delegation, and without interrupting the organization’s operations.

Malicious applications will no longer be an attack vector in your organization.

Greater SOC efficiency
Lower TCO
Detection & Hunting
Threat Hunting the Unkown_

We are focussed on the challenge of largest corporations, “Living off the Land” attacks, developing more sophisticated analytics and adapting the hunting of these advanced threats to the particular context of every single customer.

Our objective is to make our Threat Hunting, Threat Detection, Behaviour Certification of endpoints, processes and users , Investigation and Data Analytics services more efficient and more scalable; and to reduce MTTD (Mean Time to Detect) and MTTR (Mean Time to Resolve).