A story about bonds_

Cytomic, a WatchGuard brand_

Cytomic specializes in providing an advanced cybersecurity offering that meets the demands of large enterprises, our more mature MSPs and their customers.

Thanks to WatchGuard’s 25 year history in the market, Cytomic has the collective intelligence, certifications and geographical scope needed to respond to ambitious international projects.

Cytomic seeks to respond to the market’s current cybersecurity needs, and more specifically, to the most advanced needs of our strategic accounts.

Greater Understanding_

A system is much more than the sum of its parts. In order to perceive reality, we must pay attention to the bonds.
Not a single process exists separately from the rest. Everything is related.

We’ve managed to see and understand all those bonds. Only then are we able to think ahead of everyone else.

Only then do we get the whole answer. The safest cybersecurity model ever.