Why Cytomic?_

The cybersecurity unit for large enterprises

What is Cytomic?

Cytomic is the cybersecurity unit of large enterprises. Our value proposition is built by combining security solutions and managed services for efficient threat hunting and incident response in the protection of computers, servers, virtual environments and mobile devices.

Our commitment is to support organizations in their maturation process towards an advanced security program, with their own security and incident response team or delegating it to their security service provider (MSSP, SOC, MDR and CSIRT). In addition, at Cytomic we actively support these specialized providers by providing them with EDR platforms and tools.

The model

Cytomic takes advantage of WatchGuard’s security model, proactively neutralizing cyber attacks that use any type of malware, exploits, or exhibit anomalous behavior in the endpoint. It offers a framework of solutions and services focused on:

  • Discovering attackers using living off the land and malwareless techniques
  • Accelerate the process of research, mitigation and response at the endpoint
  • Minimizes the attack surface thanks to its complementary security modules
  • Integration of these tools into a single lightweight agent, allowing for coordinated and automated response from a single console

Scalable data analysis


of events each week


of events every day


of events at our Data Lake


new binaries classified each week


new binaries classified every day


event blocked every day

Value proposition

Higher SOC efficiency, lower MTTD and MTTR

Thanks to its monitoring and visibility in real time, 365 days a year and its Threat hunting and Zero-Trust application services, it is able to detect any abnormal behavior.

Cooperation of the SOC technology stack

With its API-First architecture it enables integration into the SOC stack and automation of use cases up to endpoint remediation. Comprehensive SIEM research or delegated to the Cytomic platform, specializing in endpoint analysis at scale.

Lower TCO in cyber security

Increase efficiency in incident prevention, detection, containment and recovery with a single cloud platform and a lightweight agent, without servers or maintenance staff. Deployment will be done in seconds with minimal implementation cost.

Proactive Detection and Hunting of Threats

You will have the services of Zero-Trust Application Service, Threat Hunting Service and Telemetry in the corporate SIEM.