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The number of licenses of the module must be equal or lower than the number of licenses of the product

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General rule_
The default modules are associated with a security product or main product. Without this association, the modules would not work.
As a general rule, when assigning licenses of a module from Cytomic Nexus, it is not necessary to indicate the number of desired licenses. This is because, for commercial policy, for most modules, it is necessary to provide the same number of licenses as those assigned to the main product.
However, there may be a module, such as Panda Full Encryption, in which it is possible to select the desired number of licenses. In these modules, the number of licenses can be the same or lower than the number of licenses of the main product, never a higher number.
As we mentioned before, a module requires to be associated with a main product in order to function. Therefore, if we allow a higher number of module licenses than the main product, we would have a number of module licenses that are not usable.

In the case of trying to provision a number of licenses higher than allowed, Cytomic Nexus will show the following error, so in order to solve it, you need to select a number of licenses equal to or lower than the main product.