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Requirements for the central management of products with Cytomic Nexus

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Cytomic Nexus allows you to manage the settings and the assignment of tasks of your clients centrally. These are some of the actions you are able to perform:

  • Create and assign settings to the All group containing your clients and client groups.
  • Create and assign scan tasks (Adaptive Defense, Endpoint Protection Plus, Endpoint Protection) and the installation of patches with Patch Management to your client and client groups.
  • Configure the appearance of the console used by clients, customizing it with your brand colors and image.
  • Check your clients’ security status.

In order to assign settings to a client’s Cytomic product, the following requirements must be met:

  • The client must have a security product.
  • The partner console user must have sufficient visibility and permissions to assign settings to the relevant client or client group, more specifically:
    • Total Control
    • Security Administration
    • License and Security Administration
  • You must have selected the option to manage the client centrally from Cytomic Nexus.
  • The client must have the option Allow my reseller to access my console enabled. This option should be enabled by default. If it is not enabled, the client will have to follow the steps below from the management console of their Cytomic product:
    1. Click the Settings menu at the top of the console. Select Users from the side menu and then click the Users tab.
    2. Click the Allow my reseller to access my console option.